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Retail Group

The Retail Group is open to major retailers, smaller independent chains and department stores. It is a new and select team that will influence the future of retail display. Membership is free of charge.

The benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to over 100 specialist suppliers, designers and manufacturers of retail display, online, over the phone and in person, all year round and at your discretion*.
  • Priority access to, and advance notification of, our annual buying event - SDEA Connections, where we link buyers and suppliers in 10 minute, speed dating style meetings.
  • SDEA VIP programme at Retail Design Expo, London in March. Including access to show lounges and invitation to Exhibition after party.
  • Automatic invitations to relevant trade shows.
  • Valuable networking at a range of SDEA events and conferences.
  • Keep up to date with new products, trends and industry news with a free subscription to the SDEA magazine - Shoptalk Plus.
  • Complimentary copy of the annual SDEA Retail Display Directory.
  • Invitation to submit your new store designs for review within the SDEA Directory, online and in Shoptalk Plus.
  • Many other valuable savings and services that are enjoyed by supplier members including discounts on Health & Safety and Employment Law compliance, AA membership, private healthcare and car rental.
  • Most importantly, be involved in the development of innovative, groundbreaking industry services. We are currently developing a Sustainability Tool and Accreditation that will benefit both suppliers and buyers alike without sacrificing cost, lead-time or functionality.

The Retail Group is free of charge, yet another benefit!

Join the SDEA Retail Group online here

Download the SDEA Retail Group form here

*In no way and at no time, does this constitute an open invitation for SDEA members to sell to you - it is purely there to open the door of communication between both sides and build stronger links.


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