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Retail Group

The Retail Group is open to major retailers, smaller independent chains and department stores. It is a new and select team that will influence the future of retail display. Membership is free of charge.
Simply email your contact details, job role and company.

The benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to over 100 specialist suppliers, designers and manufacturers of retail display, online, over the phone and in person, all year round and at your discretion*.
  • Priority access to, and discounted tickets of, our annual Creative Retail Awards.
  • Automatic invitations to relevant trade shows.
  • Valuable networking at a range of SDEA events and conferences with complimentary invitations.
  • Keep up to date with new products, trends and industry news with a free subscription to the SDEA magazine - Shoptalk Plus.
  • Invitation to submit your new store designs for review within the SDEA Directory, online and in Shoptalk Plus.
  • Many other valuable savings and services that are enjoyed by supplier members including discounts on Health & Safety and Employment Law compliance, AA membership, private healthcare and car rental.
  • Most importantly, be involved in the development of innovative, groundbreaking industry services. This includes Convert Plus which the Association developed to benefit both suppliers and buyers alike without sacrificing cost, lead-time or functionality.

The Retail Group is free of charge, yet another benefit!

Join the SDEA Retail Group by emailing us your contact details here


*In no way and at no time, does this constitute an open invitation for SDEA members to sell to you - it is purely there to open the door of communication between both sides and build stronger links.


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