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Adore, Westfield London

Beauty is another niche area as far as retail display is concerned, but nonetheless a multi million pound industry that never ceases to reinvest and reinvent itself. Traditionally found en masse in the elegant entrance halls of department stores and larger chemists, it is another retail discipline that has undergone enormous change over the years.

As the many cosmetic rivals strive to reach new markets and create their own unique identity, we have seen more and more retailers and brands opting to open high street stores rather than concessions and shop in shops. Adore: full name, Adore Organic Innovation UK, is a recent addition to this market and is a particularly sleek offering with a suitably fitting environment, worthy of review.

The successful US store debuts in the UK at the prestigious Westfield, White City shopping centre in London. It combines the purchase of beauty products with specialist skincare consultations, treatments and demonstrations beautifully. This store is an excellent example of a beauty retailer differentiating from the crowd. In a densely populated market place, Adore has carved out a niche of its own. The shop is an absolute delight.

Adore has a unique concept at its core that was scientifically developed and harnessed into a range of cosmetics. These values are reflected within this new store. The majority of the shopfit is ergonomic; perimeter wall shelving and counters are all curved and appear to flow into one another. Gleaming chrome spherical lights hang from the suspended ceiling and numerous circular pedestal chairs are positioned in two long flowing lines that trace the curves of the counters. Further ornate pendant ball lights hang from the ceiling at the front of the shop and the base of a freestanding display table has been cleverly engineered from nickel into a hollow circle. It creates a stunning focal point together with its solid surface at the front of the store.

By layering sections of wall and ceiling with counters and shelving, as well as the subtle complimentary colour palette, the soft and gentle contemporary environment has been enhanced. A curved and lowered ceiling is suspended below the original white one. The hanging lanterns interject into the space adding interest and height. The back wall, displaying the logo, has been divided up and further enhances the layering effect using different hues of neutral colours mixed with textured surfaces. The curved wall units stretching from front to back are mostly white and are set off with natural wood bases and mushroom shaded perimeter walls. Product is arranged neatly on glass shelves and appears to float in lines around the walls.

This is a very chic store that displays some very nice features. The full height glass shopfront allows views across the entire store. On closer inspection an interesting detail is revealed! The glass storefront is engraved with hundreds of flat topped circles all linked together, a further reference to the brand’s logo. A handful of large muted minimalistic images, plus a small solid surface cash desk at the back of the store complete the look. The stage is set, the lights are on and the product is the star!

Rpa:group has created a masterpiece of retail design for this American beauty, which will undoubtedly be duplicated in further outlets. This store is everything you want in a skincare brand; it is clean, uncomplicated and naturally sophisticated.

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