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Models Own, Leeds

From high end Victoria Gate we traverse the city to reach high street Trinity Leeds, where our next young retailer debuts in Leeds.  Whilst the store is much more routine in terms of scale, as with our previous three reviews it offers a unique and innovative concept for the market.

In a world dominated by some very big brands, subtlety has become the essence and accepted practice – the key ingredients so to speak – of beauty and cosmetics retailing.  Sophistication and style have been portrayed through a blank canvas of neutral shades and tones.  Whether amidst a department store beauty hall, or in any one of the numerous retail outlets across the globe, we have grown accustomed to buying our make up within a glossy, sleek interior.  Our next brand breaks away from this mould entirely and breaks all the rules too. 

Models Own has devised a completely new concept for cosmetic retailing that is based upon experimentation.  Its new stores are bold, bright and even brash, but can’t be missed.  With its vibrant and colourful interior, the new store at Trinity Leeds stands out like a beacon. 

If I’m honest it’s probably going to take some time to convert the older generation to this dynamic, youthful approach, yet teens, twenty and thirty somethings are going to love it.  Although it’s not entirely new, Models Own has had a quirky presence in many of our major shopping centres up and down the UK for a number of years.  Famed for their larger than life, bottle shaped concessions, ‘Bottleshops’ have been found in the walkways themselves to maximise passing footfall.

Lights and colour are all around the Models Own store to entice the customer in to try out new products and ideas.  It’s a truly inviting and invigorating experience.  What this new outlet lacks in terms of square footage, it certainly makes up for in attitude and appearance.  The double height storefront is lined with banks of neon strip lighting in a kaleidoscope of colours that follow the colour spectrum and are layered to bring a three dimensional effect to the store.  It creates a massive impact as you walk along the mall.  The lighting fills the entire top half of the full glass frontage.  The Models Own logo is emblazoned over the double door store entrance.

Aimed at play, the brand follows our youth culture’s obsession with the internet and social media.  The mantra is clear: come along, experience, test out, try, bring your friends, tell your friends.  It appeals directly to our continuously mobile, ever changing society with a stream of offers.

The new instore interior mirrors this vibe and is liberally laid out allowing plenty of space for peak trading periods and ‘play’.  It is easy to navigate the space; large, colourful graphics identify clear sections.  Nails, lips, eyes and face wrap around the perimeter of the store on display tables that showcase the product in swathes of colour, much like the overhead lighting.  iPads are integrated into these fixtures and can be browsed for advice, inspiration and online tutorials.  All the while high level digital displays stream Models Own vibrant video campaigns, offering additional advice and guidance for make-up application and styles.  The centre of the store is filled with theatre – with an open pink box housing promotions, live tutorials and the Play Table.  This is where the experimentation begins.  You can stay and play with jumbo sized, squeezy bottles of Lip Gunk, Sculpt and Glow Liquid Highlighters, or check out giant jars of cream shadow.  Staff also play a fundamental role in the store.  They are make-up gurus themselves and offer support, demonstrate and inspire.

The Yard Creative has worked with Models Own since 2011 and has developed an ingenious solution to the art of modern cosmetic retailing.  You will be seeing a Boxshop – as they have been coined – near you soon as a major roll out is in place.  Beware, beauty has bitten back.

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